Gender Female
Hair color Tan/White
Eye color White
Animal Koala
Family Roobear, Mommy, Papa
Friends Roobear, Floppy, Mimi, Pamie, Nick, Betty

Laura is Roobear's younger sister. She is also the daughter of Mommy and Papa.


Laura is a tan and peach koala with frilly ears, black eyes with white highlights, and a chocolate brown nose. She is usually seen wearing a blue short-sleeved dress with two small white buttons on it. She wears blue and white shoes with yellow tongues.

Her swimwear consists of a green one piece bathing suit complete with a tutu.

Her sleepwear consists of a yellow nightgown with white frilly cuffs, a white sewn flap near the collar with two orange buttons on it.


Laura tends to be a brat occasionally, but she is caring and kind.