Char 6151
Gender Male
Hair color Blue/White
Eye color White
Animal Koala
Family Laura, Mommy, Papa
Friends Laura, Floppy, Mimi, Pamie, Nick, Betty

Roobear is the main character of Adventures of the Little Koala. He was voiced by Steven Bednarski in the English version and by Toshiko Fujita in the Japanese version. At age 8-10, he is the older brother of Laura and the son of Mommy and Papa.


Roobear is a blue and white koala with a darker blue egg-shaped nose, and black beady eyes with white highlights. He usually wears red overalls with yellow buttons and red and white sneakers with a green tongue. His swimwear consists of red and yellow swim trunks.

His sleepwear consists of green pajama top and bottom with red trim.


Roobear is smart, athletic, and inquisitive. He enjoys physical activity such as baseball, surfing, and skateboarding.